Biogenics is a respected global leader in the manufacturing, supply and service of unique instruments for Cryobiology, Assisted Reproduction, and emerging Life Sciences. Biogenics-designed products include:  

  • CRYSALYS® CONTROLLED-RATE FREEZER:  Biofreezer Systems Engineered for Specific and Custom Applications. 
  • BioViator® ACTIVE ISOTHERMIC TRANSPORTER :  If it's High-Value and MUST Maintain a Preset Temperature During Transport Through All Ambient Conditions, BioViator is your answer. 
  • BioQuad® Vented, 4-Well Radiused Culture Dishes for Embryos and Other Clinical use:  FDA-510K certified.

In 2015, Biogenics celebrates 25 YEARS in the supply, service and support of breakthrough products used in Human Clinical IVF Cryopreservation, Bovine Embryo Transfer Cryopreservation, Equine Semen Cryopreservation, Controlled-Rate Freezers for virtually any application, Portable and Shipping-Ready Incubators for embryos, gametes, and other cell lines that datalog, validate, and provide stable temperature regardless of outdoor conditions.  Our products also include Liquid Nitrogen Level alarms (CryoLert(R)), Warm Plates and Warm stages for Microscopy, and consumable products for Culturing specimens BioQuad(R)), Straw and Cryovial Cryogenic Labeling, and Cryogenic Storage Vessels and Accessories.   

A pioneer in product design and engineering, Biogenics is best known for "Giving them something they've never seen before!"  This is our passion and mission statement: To innovate and provide unique products that merge parallel technologies and "Think outside the box".  

At Biogenics, we understand the technical complexities of products used in cryopreservation, cryobiology, and assisted reproductive technology. Because of our long experience with these sophisticated products including IVF and embryo transfer instruments, supplies and equipment, we offer our customers the kind of unparalleled support that is available only from the most trusted expert.